I feel like this forum could have more topics and be much bigger than it is


I hope everyone is well.

I am writing regarding the topics in the forum. It feels like we have too few topics. When I have some questions related to the R, Java or C++ I have no idea where to put them. I understand that these topics are not taught in FCC, however, they can still be added as topics to explore. Also FCC is teaching people I at its core even though there are courses that are not here we can still learn much by asking queries in the forums.

What do others think? would it be too much if we had other forum sections as well?

KR, Atrox.

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Put them in General

Its been our experience that adding “ghost towns” actually decreases engagement on our platforms.


Thanks for reply, can we also add math related queries with in the field of AI and CS?

Yup. Anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else goes in General

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