I got a developer job thanks to FreeCodeCamp portfolio

I just wrote my story in Medium. how I got my software development Job following freeCodeCamp Curriculum, I hope I can inspire to others in the way I was inspired by many people. Please do not give up guys. Thanks @QuincyLarson for having the idea of creating freeCodeCamp, It changed my life forever!


Happy coding!


Congratualtions mate, it was a great article!


Thanks @Skobrat for reading, please if it is possible for you, share this story. A big part of not giving up, was reading other successful stories. As a self-taught developer, you struggle with many things, giving up feelings are not weird, so this the reason to share this stories help a lot.

Kind regards!

Good evening sir, l’m Samuel from Nigeria I want to learn web developer


Hello @Successdon , if you read the article, I recommend the FreeCodeCamp curriculum, check the free resources. The more important part is your determination. you can do it do not give up. try to assist to code events.

Congratulations on your new job!

And thanks for taking the time to make this awesome writeup about your experiences, and lessons learned along the way!


Thanks to you Quincy happy coding!

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Congratulation. I think that it is the best community for new developer as my profile. Thanks a lot today I’ve joined here to learn more extra and advanced technique of web development.

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@Tariqul Welcome to the community, good luck, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards!

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Thanks for inspiring me. Sure if i faced any problem then i will share and mention you. Okay. Happy Coding :slightly_smiling_face:

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Samuel,which part of Nigeria do you reside. i'm also based here