I got my first programming job after 3 months

Got an email with a job offer this morning. Feels unreal.

I’m 29 and I have an MA in English (qualified teacher). During my studies I took on what I assumed was a temporary sales job to make ends meet, but I actually ended up working in a couple of telemarketing companies for a total of 4 years. The latter of those was a digital marketing company, and while working there I started to get the ever-increasing feeling that I should be doing work on the production side instead of sales, which I was doing OK in, but not great.

At this point I had my MA in my back pocket, but I had to be honest to myself and acknowledge that I didn’t really have a lot of passion for teaching either, especially compared to the burning desire to start learning how to code.

So what I did was I put some money aside and just straight up quit my job in October 2016, and started learning from the comfort of my flat. First I learned Java through a free online university course, but – I shit you not – a drunk software company CEO at a bar told me I should be learning something a bit more modern like JavaScript frameworks instead. So that’s what I started doing.

I found FCC, enrolled in some Udemy courses, completed some free tutorials, and in all did a lot of Googling on stuff. Then last Thursday I saw an ad for open positions at a local IT company, and decided to throw them an email. I got a reply 15 minutes later with an invitation to a job interview the next day. I went in, basically was completely honest about what I do and don’t know, and today they sent the mail informing me they are gonna give me a shot.

I am extremely enthusiastic, although also a bit terrified, because I’m gonna be working with a whole bunch of technologies I am not familiar with (like React Native, Python/Django and god knows what else). Luckily I fancy myself a fast learner, so it should be fine, and I’m happy to dive into the deep end.

Thanks to FCC for providing an amazing, well-structured, easy-to-use curriculum that doesn’t let you off the hook too easy. I am nowhere near having completed the entire thing, but it’s definitely been paramount to getting me to where I am now.

The takeaway: listen to the drunk guy at the bar.


Congrats! 3 months is really quick, so well done! Passion sure does put wind in the sails.


That’s excellent! Well done! :slight_smile:
How far through the curriculum did you get if you don’t mind me asking?
Let us know how your first day/week goes!


Thanks guys.

I did most of the front end cert stuff, some of the projects were done quite haphazardly though.

Outside FCC I’ve been learning a bunch of stuff with Node.js & React.


@mylvinta Congradulations! Companies will give people a chance if they show self motivation and discipline. I have learned programming and development is a constant learning journey. If you stop learning your skills will become outdated quick.

Advice, for any company discover what skill(s) is in demand, then be the go to person for that skill.

Personally, I did that with SharePoint (Yes, I know crappy MS system). However, I used that skill as my catalyst to break into the Development world. The rest is up to the LORD

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Congrats @mylvinta! Inspired.

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The best line ever!!!

Congrats man!


alwayse choose the Blue pill. Keep Rocking Teacher !!
You are living the dream,

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Thats amazing! How far along are you in FCC? I am in a similar situation, just quit my job as an IT recruiter, aka sales job that I hated. I was working in this industry and learning more and more about JavaScript and it has piqued my interested to start learning. I just started, only 5 hours in and about to finish the first HTML/CSS project and getting a temporary bartending job to make ends meat while I teach myself. I appreciate you sharing this info because I am doing the same thing. 27 years old and finally finding something I enjoy. Can’t wait to know I have atleast have a shot to send my resume out to companies and may get a shot back.


Wow! that’s excellent.

Just goes to show that we can go ahead and take a chance.

We could go on studying and learning for years and still not feel ready to do a job.
So, better go ahead and apply.
But dont stop learning though.


Thanks everyone!

Today was my first day at the job, and I already started planning out a React Native application for one of the company’s clients. Talk about easing myself into the job… :grin:


Congrats! Three months is fantastic.

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I think if you already find the thing you enjoyed. You don’t need to worry much. Like op himself I have met some people while learning through FCC. It was a code and coffee meeting. A dev talked to me a lot and gave me a few suggestions about coding and even recommended me a book about CSS and HTML. Huge help. He had been doing coding fOr more than 10 years. It is inspiring to hear that people get help from strangers. I think if you put your mind into it, god will give you help, will lead you to those places you have never imagine. But you gotta love what you do and you gotta work it really hard. Good luck dude!


Good luck dude! I guess you can find that we all are here as if we already got a job for ourselves. Lol. We are really happy for you!

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I’m a chick, so I can NEVER listen to the drunk guy at the bar (lol), but that is wonderful, @mylvinta! :clap: Congrats to you! Do an update comment if you wouldn’t mind, and let us know how you’re getting on after a month or two. :slight_smile:


I imagine that if this is reddit your inbox will fill up with messages by now.



Thanks @mylvinta for this post. I have a BA degree in Criminal Justice and feel bad for all the work I put into it and now wanting to change fields. But I’m glad to see posts like this and know I’m not the only one! :smile:


As a fellow English grad and a teacher, congrats!

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That’s really awesome man. Congratulations on finding your way out of a dead end job. I’m actually in the exact situation you are in right now working in sales. I’m trying to just get my foot in the door with an IT company doing web dev.

Hmmm… :thinking::grimacing: