I got this far is it cheating if I just copy paste the answers

Cheating yourself, yes. But there are no rules (I’m aware of) that says you can’t copy-paste the solution code. For the project challenges, it’s a different story.

If you do copy-paste, I’d suggest you make sure you actually understand the solution as best you can and if you do not understand it open a thread and ask about it. I’d also suggest you type the solution so you at least get some physical interaction with the editor going. Typing it out is way better than just copy-pasting.


who do you think you might be cheating? Copy-paste is a valid coding skill, down the line. At this point, if that’s the extent of your coding… It’s yourself you’re cheating.

If i encounter a challenge i don’t understand? Yes, I’ll copy it, and paste it into a sandbox (codepen.io or repl.it), and tear it apart to understand how it works. Cheating? No. I’m learning, and I’m using research appropriately.

If, instead, i looked at the hints and simply used them without taking the time to understand the code, i am cheating myself of the benefits, and I’m cheapening the certification for others.


do you feel you are learning?

would you be able to solve the challenge again if you didn’t have the solution to copy?

if the answer is no, then you are cheating yourself out of the chance of learning something new

Althrough you copy and pasted someone else’s solution, it will be ok. But if it’s your extent for copy and pasting someone’s solution, that means you’re cheating from learning something new.