I have a question about a lesson I'm on and the color: red;

The "Responsive Web Design>Basic CSS>Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements
"Responsive web design>Basic CSS>Use a Class to Style an Element
classes wont complete even though I did them right.
they both return all steps checked but say “my h2 element should be blue”…but it is! lol

I even copied the solution to check if it was me even the solution from FCC comes back as “your h2 element should be red”.

What am I missing on these two exercises on style?
Here’s my code for “Use a Class to Style an Element”

  .red-text{color: red;}
<h2 class="red-text">CatPhotoApp</h2>

Is the website broken? I think its me.

if you have a dark mode extension, switch it off

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Thanks ilenia.
I turned off Dark Mode Extension in my Web Browser and was able to complete the lessons.
The Night Mode from the FreeCodeCamp menu still works fine so I’m still able to use a Dark Mode.

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