I have a question about `dividers` and `hr`

Step 57

The advantage to creating these dividers is that you can apply specific classes to style them individually. Add dbl-indent to the class for your last .divider .

What is the difference between divider-s and hr-s? You can also style the hr elements, no? …

.divider in this case is a class, hr is an element

also the hr element has a semantic meaning

The <hr> HTML element represents a thematic break between paragraph-level elements: for example, a change of scene in a story, or a shift of topic within a section.

Historically, this has been presented as a horizontal rule or line. While it may still be displayed as a horizontal rule in visual browsers, this element is now defined in semantic terms, rather than presentational terms, so if you wish to draw a horizontal line, you should do so using appropriate CSS.

without more context I can’t answer - step 57 of which project? can you give the link?

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No… I finished step but I was having just a question about those two…

the link to the challenge gives more context to your question even if you don’t need help in solving it

Step 57

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