I have a question about HTML code

This’s right?

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <meta />


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Well, for it to be correct by standards, the meta element needs an attribute, on its own it doesn nothing. And the head element needs a title element in it

What is this code for?

You can always check the HTML using a validator.

If it’s still able the meta element

Sorry if my English is very basic. Within the Freecodecamp course on HTML language, an example of metadata elements was shown, including <meta/> and I wanted to know if that is ok or was it a page error?

Including ** <meta/> **



you need to use backticks for the html tags to show up

the meta element should be included, yes

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Technically, it is invalid HTML being shown in the example, but I guess it is just to keep it simple.

But we maybe should update the example to be valid HTML.

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