I have a stupid question about the Tribute Page

So, I skipped ahead a bit to the project because I learn better by doing than just reading. I had very basic html under my belt before starting. Many of the tribute page requirements seem unnecessary and really threw me off.

For instance, is div really necessary for websites or is it optional? TIA!

I can’t tell if this is a legitimate question or not? I would highly suggest that you go back and finish the curriculum before starting the projects as it will explain why the requirements are indeed necessary and the instructions will become very clear.

Also, the lessons are interactive, meaning you aren’t just reading, you’re performing actions based on what its explaining to you. As someone who learns better by doing rather than looking at a bunch of text, it was easy to follow and complete.

in a project done by yourself, it may be optional
but you need to follow the user stories as required, if the user stories require a div, you need to have a div

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Thank you. I really didn’t understand why so many div’s were required and all I had in my notes were that it was used to divide things.

alismora, I’m learning disabled with cognitive impairments. It may take some people 20 minutes to do the project, but not all of us learn the same the way or have had the same education or opportunities in life.

Don’t skip the curriculum and then complain because you skipped the curriculum.

Please review what you’ve written, It’s extremely rude and condescending.

you can learn more about div here:

in a real project you would have many elements that group other elements together, but the div element is a bit obsolete, there have been many semantic elements introduced after that: main, nav, footer, header, article, section, aside etc
if it makes sense better one of those, than a generic div

@alismora the curriculum is not mandatory, the only part that must be done are the projects. You can skip the curriculum, if that’s what works for you.

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Thank you. I’ve switched to FCC videos and am learning so much more. Good stuff!