I have no mistakes and my code is correct!

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My code doesnt pass the tests. I watched a video on youtube and i did the same code! I dont know what is wrong :confused:

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Challenge: Run Functional Tests on an API Response using Chai-HTTP IV - PUT method

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Hello there,

It looks like you have a mismatch between the test, and who you are looking for:

test('send {surname: "da Verrazzano"}', function(done) {
        .send({surname: 'Colombo'})
        .end((err, res) => {

Hope this helps

so i have to change it to da Verrazzano instead of Colombo correct :question:

Yes, that is correct.

ok thx It really helped :slight_smile: ! Also, is that correct…

.send({surname: ‘da Verrazzano’})
.end((err, res) => {