I have two Job Offers and a big problem

Do you drink? That has 100 times more ill effects that pot.

If you drink everyday after work it’s still going to cost money, destroy your liver, and it impairs your judgement.

Unless its medical, you have no reason to smoke or do drugs. Try chewing gum for example. Destroying your body after a days work is surely going to remove your stress.

Not trying to debate drugs here, but a solution to his problem. Stoping doing drugs is only good. Is a addiction worth lying?

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Some of replies to OP’s question are getting off topic. This should not be a debate about whether or not pot/alcohol should be tested for in the workplace. Also, this thread should not be an attempt to judge others who do or do not use drugs.

The question posed was:

should I tell her the truth that I took a trip to Colorado, or should I attempt to fake it using fake urine?


@John-freeCodeCamp - Please read my last post.

I have always found that honesty is the best policy.
You never know. You might gain some respect for
being completely honest. I would be.

If they don’t respect honesty, than you are probably
going to find bigger issues once you start working there.

This topic was posted 7 days ago but 8 days ago in another thread, the OP (@Louis345) already posted “Just in case anybody is interested. I got the job. I am a full time react developer.” (Help with a Job Interview not replying). Probably so stoned he forgot he’d already got a job :laughing:


Soooo you make a trip to Colorado every time you have a long day of progamming?


I live in a place where they regularly test people.
to have the liberty to kiss the monkey’s tail whenever you want is something that should not be taken for granted

please keep it civil.

Everyone hear that has taken time to chime in I appreciate all the support and love. I think the programming community especially on free-code-camp is loving community and I glad that I have had the change to interact with you all. A lot of feedback has really helped me.

I ended up passing my drug test and have decided to go to the bigger company and become a react developer. It is a wonderful opportunity for me and my family. They will also be using React-Native in the future which makes me love them even more. I did not tell the Recruiter, because at the end of the day, I am paid to create awesome apps, and not have my personal life scrutinized.

That is part of the egocentrist of our modern culture. You are being paid to do what the company tells you to do. Period. As long as it doesn’t violate a law. Period. If you want to smoke weed, that’s your choice. If they want to fire you for that, then that is their choice. Period. There is not constitutional protection for weed smoking. They cannot fire you for being Jewish because religion is a constitutionally protected class. Weed smoking is not.

I’m not arguing whether or not weed is bad. (Personally, I have no problem with it.) I’m not arguing the morality of workplace drug testing. I’m talking about the law. And the law is that they can test you if they want and they can fire you if they want. Maybe the law will change. But that’s what it is now. I’ve known people fired for drinking off the job. And I know a guy fired for smoking cigarettes off the job. There are many, many people fired for smoking weed off the job.I have a friend that was literally fired on a random drug test on the day he returned from a month long trip to Amsterdam

If that’s a risk you want to take, then go for it. If weed is more important than job security and honoring the contract you signed, then go for it. Just be forewarned.

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I appreciate your concern, but it’s not the company that is doing it. The recruiter is doing it.

The recruiter is drug testing, not the company? Then maybe it’s not a big deal. Maybe the company doesn’t care, which is their right.

I believe most people gave you similar answers, but I would do the following.
Try and match your lower offer to the higher offer that drug test. They essentially want you and will probably be willing to pay the higher amount.
For the one that drug test be upfront and say you visited friends or whatever where it is legal. If they deny you, you still have the other offer.
Either way you have an opportunity. If they give you a week before the drug test do all that google search tells you to detox. it worked for me. I am 220 6ft and the occasional smoker. I ran about a 5k daily, cranberry juice, etc. Visit a sauna.

main thing here is
stoners are people too… they have the right to a job so… yeah

I have worked for companies/corporations for many years UI were mandatory for everyone – NO EXCEPTION – also periodic UI’s unannounced. Also, when medical became legal, there were some positions that the person couldn’t have (safety), when legalized for the last corp I worked for – didn’t matter that it was legal, same with alcohol if it showed in UI – no hire/terminated.

For manual labour/heavy plant jobs? Or for office jobs? In which country? What do you think of that, as a policy?

These were industrial companies --wood products manufacturing. I was Division Controller. The policy applied to everyone, mill workers, supervisors, log buyers, timber managers, kiln operators, kiln supervisors, all clerical staff, myself, general manager, regional controller, Right on up the ladder to the President (CEO), CFO, VP HR, VP IT, etc.

The mill positions (manufacturing) for all corporations when legalized, most didn’t make a difference – test positive – you were terminated, a couple you could opt to attend rehab to keep your job. Sometimes employees did that sometimes no. 1 surprise UA, my payroll clerk, the shipping coordinator and planner supervisor (as well as others) came back positive for speed, 2 went to rehab 1 was terminated. Lost about 10% of employees–which was not unusual.

I didn’t think much about it, as I didn’t use and didn’t go to work drunk or hungover. Some were real irate, but when you think of the injuries and deaths any safety step is generally welcome by most employees. A person 3 sheets to the wind, makes an error, you could be the one injured or dead.
In the office and other management positions an error could mean a layoff for 30 days or more, employee not being paid correctly, etc. or IT programing a pay or deduction calculation incorrectly and having to reissue W-2’s, cutting paychecks for $0.50 had one $0.01 up to $3.00 the IT guy wa tested came back positive –

Although, you may feel this is an invasion of privacy and an employer has no right to control activities outside of the workplace, some activities can and do cause serious consequences no matter what sort of business they are in when the activity can/does impair judgment and physical ability. I have run shutdown numbers too many times – either temporary or long term – including office staff, mangers, mill workers, IT, were either laid off temporarily or permanently to take a chance on being mentally impaired when running the numbers.

I smoke, but had the first non-smoking office in 1 Corporation I worked for – smoked outside or on the “smoking” porch (covered area) because having a lite smoke among the paperwork was a fire hazard as well as others didn’t need exposed to the smoke.

These policies are not intended to monitor an employees activities outside the workplace or say what they can and can’t do, real consequences are involved. Now there is a push – that I totally disagree with – to charge employees who smoke, or are overweight more for insurance if the don’t quit and/or loose weight – which is monitored. This is an invasion of privacy and trying to dictate an employees actions outside of the workplace–this is to reduce insurance premiums – but there is no real evidence this would be a money saving deal for company and employee. Other than personal health, there is no real consequence as drugs and alcohol can have.

Have you heard of meditation ? or Calm, Headspace app they are 100 times better stress busters than any drug on the planet.

Say No To Drugs