I keep losing my terminal in VS Code

I’m sure there’s an extremely simple answer but I somehow keep losing my terminal and don’t know how to unhide it again.

If I drag to hide it and let go of the mouse button, I can’t seem to then unhide it again. It opens the project window instead.


EDIT: CTRL + j appears to work but also opens up Chrome’s downloads window.

Hello there,

Ctrl + `

Should also work to bring it back.

For whatever reason, perhaps because it’s a browser-based version, CTRL + backtick doesn’t do anything.
The terminal menu also indicates that CTRL+SHIFT+backtick should open a new terminal but that doesn’t do anything either.
I can open a new terminal from the menu in order to unhide my existing terminal(s), but that’s not ideal.

That is odd. I am not sure much can be done here with the web-based version of VSCode.

Turns out there’s an easy fix after all.
I added the Shortkeys extension to Chrome and created a rule for CTRL + j to do nothing.
CTRL + j still unhides the terminal in VS Code (within Chrome) but doesn’t also open Chrome’s Downloads page.

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