I landed a job as a mobile app developer, but I barely know how to code. Send help!

Due to quarantine I started to learn to code at home. I learned some Python and Javascript (functions, classes, data structure), but I know very little to work as a freelancer. Well, few days ago I was talking to a friend that works more than 10 years with IT (but not mobile development) about this and today, a woman contacted me asking to build a mobile application to her (he told her that I was a very good developer :lying_face:). I was honest and told her that I have no experience, but she was fine (and still wants me to build her application!!). Now I’m here asking for your generous and honest advice on how to proceed. I have lots of free time (yeah, I lost my job) , lots of resources to learn more, dedication and everything in between!

PS: I know one thing or two about software engineer, but I never worked as a developer, this is my very first opportunity.

I feel like what I have to say won’t help you. We are on the same boat. While on quarantine I started learning Python and now I’m taking freeCodeCamp certifications. Just want to remind you that you have a very good problem.

yeah, I gonna spend my night devouring tutorials

be honest on the time you will need
be honest about what level you are starting for
be honest about what she could get as first iteration (basic features, funky graphic etc)

be honest and say that it is an awesome learning opportunity and that you will need time to actually make it

and then keep learning and keep building this app