I lost my curriculum I cannot log in FCC

I can have acces to the forum with my profile but when enter the curiculum it’s empty.
It’s like I’ve done nothing whereas I’m about to finish the responsive part.
Can someone help me find my curiculum.
Many thanks

how do you log in usually? with email or with one of the social log ins?

I first log to my google account and then I browse for fcc website , it usually recognize me this way.
I wonder if there is any log in button

but how do you log in in fcc?

the freeCodeCamp account is recognised via email address, so you can log in with github, google or facebook and as long they use the same email address you are logging in in the same website

if you use a log in method with a different email address, then you are logging in to a different account

I log through my google account, that’s why when i’m logged under google and lookin for fcc website I’m already connected but today it didnt work.

have you tried logging out and logging back in? tried with different email addresses?

I just logged out from my google account but nothing.
I wonder why I can connect to the forum but when looking for my curiculum is like brand new

from fcc, not your google account

the forum and curriculum account are two separe accounts

Oh ok, I didnt know.
How can I loggin to my FCC account I dont see any log in button

use the “Sign in” button

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Thank you so much, it’s perfect now.
I dont know how I didnt notice it from all this time but indeed my e-mail adress for the forum and the curiculm are different.

you can change that in the settings of the one with the email you want to change - if that’s the website you probably first need to delete the accidentally created account

Alright, Thank you :slight_smile: