I made a Chrome Extension over the weekend that plays music

Hopefully this isn’t too boring, I’m trying to be more interactive I suppose as a camper.

When I’m coding or studying I like to listen to ambient/psybient style music. But sometimes I find I’m spending too much time digging through my bookmarks or youtube trying to decide what to listen to, so I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice to just click a button on my browser that automatically starts playing some music for me in another tab?”

Then I started thinking about some of the lessons I’ve learned here at FCC and it occurred to me I was pretty sure how to make that happen.

I started it bright and early this Saturday morning and finalized it Sunday morning and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’ve been using it ever since and it was a fun project. Also it was very fun to get an idea for something and then be able to make that idea into something real.

Here’s my github of it if anyone would like to check it out or use it:

and here’s what it looks like running in the browser…

I built it with an array of about 20 psychill/psybient/soundtrack music mix links on youtube (like the soundtrack to Tron 2 Legacy; a favorite), and a function to randomize the link chosen.
So basically now when I fire up my browser and open a tab to FreeCodeCamp to start studying, I just click on my little program and instantly get some randomized music in the background that is nice and moody without being too complicated or distracting.

I enjoy FCC and realize I don’t post enough in this section even though I read through it a lot, so today I thought maybe it was time to dip my toes in the water and actually post something instead of just reading.

I think I wouldn’t have been able to make my chrome extension this weekend if it weren’t for FCC.

Anyway hopefully this post isn’t too silly or anything. And who knows maybe someone else out there will enjoy using my program. It’s easy enough to install it into the Chrome browser.

Thanks FCC, and thanks Quincy Larson for starting FCC.


It’s in the Chrome Google store now and easy to install.

thanks FCC. 1 year ago I never would’ve imagined I’d have an app/extension in the Google store. :star_struck:

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