Coding Music to help concentrate

Hey guys,
Please provide me links containing music (no lyrics), best for coding :grin:

Thanks! :grin:

Well, you can just YouTube “coding music”, and you will find a lot…

freecodecamp offers…


yeah but most are not really my kind of coding music, hence the reason why I asked you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

this is where it went !!
Thanks!!! <3 <3
Still would appreciate your personal choice though

that’s a link containing music (no lyrics), I don’t know what else you want…

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You can still search YouTube for the genre you like. We can’t read your mind.

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Alright, Thanks guys :grin:

Coding music is really a personal thing, and a minute-by-minute thing. Earlier in the day, I code to Gypsy jazz (HUGE Django Reinhardt fan). Later morning, I’ll switch to either Parov Stelar or Buddha Bar. Afternoon, I’m a trance fan.

I usually grab a random playlist from Spotify, but you do you.

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I used to listen to a lot of JimTV on YouTube, but now I pretty exclusively listen to Trap Nation’s trending playlist (also on YouTube). Also, if I can find it, I most enjoy total silence…but it’s hard to come by.

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sometimes I like putting some playlist from the channel of youtuber/composer Adrian von Ziegler


This is wonderful!
Thank you so much everyone! :grin: