What are you listening to? (when coding)

Just thought we needed such a thread :slight_smile: I’m a heavy music listener and can’t get code out without listening to anything ranging from black metal to soft electronic :smiley:.

So today I’ve discovered a band and the comments section is full of people talking about how it helped them code better :wink:

This is not for everyone, but still I find this very interesting !

The Algorithm - Brute Force

So, what are you listening to?


Lately, CHVRCHES, Emancipator, Boards of Canada, and Chance the Rapper.

Before that Childish Gambino, Russian Circles, Lacuna Coil, and Bear Hands.

Lots of chiptune, EDM, etc. Essentially I started a pandora station with Anamanaguchi as the seed and have let it grow from there.

Some of my favorites:


I also added in some bands that do rock covers of video game tunes:

The Advantage
Entertainment System

Then just a sprinkling of Nobuo Uematsu

Nothing like the FF Victory Fanfare when you get a piece of code to work :smile:

  • Groove Armada,
  • Moorcheeba,
  • Massive Attack,
  • Portishead,
  • Sneaker Pimps,
  • Aphex Twin,
  • Merz…

Anything 90s-ish trip-hoppy/ambient.

Pandora Radio is great for that - and it has a great client on Ubuntu called Pithos

Incidentally, when doing DIY I like to listen to 90s metal / stoner metal: Clutch, Tool, Down, Corrosion of Comformity.

And general day-to-day I lean a little more towards the 80s these days, Talking Heads, Bowie, The The, The Cure, The Cult, The Smiths.


Ah, another trip-hop fan! Pretty much my list, plus some DJ Shadow, Lovage, and UNKLE.

Tool and Clutch are great too. All great choices!

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I actually don’t listen to music when I code. Or at least 90% of the time, I don’t listen to music while coding. If I’m doing simple HTML/CSS work/small fixes, I sometimes listen to music. That music tends to be Hip-Hop/Japanese/Korean music, loool.


Yoshida Brothers make for excellent coding companions!


binaural beats from Brain.fm


Aha, nice! I love these guys! Storm is my favorite song from them!

Though, not a good song for coding, I also like their collaboration song with Monkey Majik, “Change”! :smile_cat:

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Gave beat.fm a listen and it’s very nice ! One thing close to this (and free) is Noisly where you can customise and mix what sounds you’d like to hear !


Whatever makes me happy at the moment :grin:. Some regularly-played stuff:

  • Bruckner symphonies
  • Laura Veirs
  • Lake Street Dive
  • James Ehnes
  • Air
  • Beethoven sonatas for piano and cello
  • Complete Stax/Volt anthology
  • Coralie Clement
  • Phineas Newborn Jr.

Other times I put on mindless TV. I can’t concentrate without background noise.

I’d like to nominate @ewathedoer to share her playlist, since the music on her vlogs is always excellent!

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The Algorithm is awesome!!!

This has become one of my go-tos, check it out: 8 Hour Study Mix.

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Woah…does he stand there mixing for 8 hours?

Yes, he does. It’s very good, easy to get lost in the music while working. Also awesome to just watch they guy jamming away.

Thanks @JacksonBates Majority of the vlog tracks so far are CC YouTube AudioLibrary tracks, so it’s hard to do a playlist from them. That’s why while coding I listen to music from Spotify or Soundcloud.
I like listening to electro swing mixes like this https://soundcloud.com/catfishmuzik/electro-swing-mix-30min-promo
For coding I’d also go for good workout music cause it’s motivating. Any vivid jewish or house music is great too. I need the clear beat more than the words while coding.

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I can’t do vocals while coding, so I mostly stick to minimal techno, deep house and the like. I have about a dozen or so playlists on Spotify that are my go-to mixes.

I also really like some of the radio stations at Digitally Imported.

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Ow! Nice question. It depends for me… on the mood… now I’m listen to Pete Rock & CL Smooth. But when I face some difficult to concentrate a used to liston some Bineural Beats.