What do you do for fun?

Kind of random, but I was just wondering what do you guys do for fun outside of learning to code?

I personally like playing video games. I tried quitting in favor of learning to code, but I couldn’t help but getting back a few weeks ago, although in a much more controlled fashion (I know when to stop and how much time to spend). I believe we as humans need a break to just do something we like for fun. Although coding itself is something I have fun doing, I still feel like I have to do something that just allows me to turn my brain off and relax for a while, which video games provide.

I know some people on here put in most of their free time on learning coding, but I personally couldn’t devote all of my time exclusively to coding, I found that I sometimes needed a break.

So what do you guys do for fun? Any other gamers in here? :slight_smile:


Yay! I enjoy social threads.

I really enjoy weightlifting. I think anything physical is a really good complement to coding, since you’re sitting down all the time.

I also enjoy PC games, and trying out new things when I can. I went to a dog cafe for the first time last weekend and had a lot of fun.


Video games are definitely fun - Used to play WoT a lot, but I’m currently enjoying Rocket League, and somehow one of my stupid friends got me into Clash of Clans… I waste so much time clicking (cause I’m the dude that plays mobile games on a linux emulator :sunglasses: ) the same thing over and over again.

Playing musical instruments is a great relaxer as well, but like coding it can get frustrating at times.

Basketball is probably my biggest pastime. I enjoy the teamwork and strategy as well as feeling like I’m doing something profitable by keeping my body in shape… kinda… (pizza and coffee eventually take their toll :smirk:)


I’m not really a gamer, at least I rarely play computer games (strong colour blindness, most games are literally unplayable). That said, tabletop Role Playing Games (RPGs) are definitely a great thing that I enjoy, perhaps a bit too much even. :wink:

Aside from the ‘staple’ that is D&D, I play Warhammer 40000 (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Black Crusade and Only War), Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun. There are many more systems I own or know about, but it’s hard to get a group to play those ones already… and most of them are quite popular. Another thing about RPGs that I simply adore is the whole idea of building your own world (or setting).

Other than that I’m on track to get my CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator), but that’s perhaps a bit too close to coding. Started as a ‘cool thing that I could put on my CV’ and ended with me geeking about it and setting up networks for fun. :smiley:


I make music with ableton


I have a few guitars and a bass that I pick up now and again. I have an Xbox and rocksmith, let’s me plug my actual guitar into the system and kind of plays like guitar hero… but for real.


I read a lot (by which I mean 70-100 books a year). I play board games. I watch too much tv.


I play overwatch here :3


That feel when you bought 2 steam games years ago and you still at 2% complete on both games.


I am a D.Va main xD, mei, and Anna.


Skateboarding. It helps me to relax when I’m tired of coding.


I used to play PC games a lot when I was younger and largely phased out of it several years ago—the most recent game that I actually bought was Portal 2 and only because it was on sale (during Valve’s 2016 Christmas sale). Before that, the next most recent game that I bought was the original Crysis. So that sorta goes to show how infrequently I still play games today, which isn’t very often. If Half-Life 3 ever comes out I would probably buy it though. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if by fun you mean actual hobbies, I like to spend my time skiing & snowshoeing or hiking & backpacking, depending on the time of year. An interest in landscape photography helps keep me outdoors as well whenever I have free time. :wink:

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I like to travel, play sports, hiking and spending time with my family! cheers :slight_smile:

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Dark souls is great! I just started a new run on dark souls 3 myself! Hopefully it doesn’t distract me to much… XD

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Learn to play the guitar and write my own songs. In fact, I’m trying to integrate that with the FCC projects whenever I can :slight_smile:


Reading (books/articles), Netflix, and just chilling with friends/family. I was into video games quite a while back but not much nowadays.

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I started coding because I injured my shoulder lifting weights in the gym. There’s nothing like making new gains week by week. Also, I enjoy outdoor stuff like hiking, biking, various sports, and photography. I’m a big movie buff, so I’m going to the movie often when I see something that piques my interest. BTW, check out the movie Split if you haven’t already!! When I take a break from coding and being outdoors, I also learn Korean, read books, or just laze around. haha!


Unity3D and sports are the things that would be a relaxation :slight_smile:

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I used to be a hardcore MOBA guy . Diamond 1 was my peak in League of Legends, and there was a period that my school allowance depends on how much I win playing money games of Dota(1). I currently have no decent machine to play games, so I took it as a motivation to build my own PC with the money that I’ll earn with my programming knowledge :slight_smile:

For the meantime, I play some pickup basketball every now and then to feed my competitive side. All my free time is spent self learning, which is surprisingly fun as well :heart_eyes_cat:

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I feel like the odd person out here not playing video games… not that I have anything against gaming, just haven’t really played any since N64. VR has me interested though!

Whenever I get a chance, my favorite thing to do in my free time is rock climbing. Also, I started to learn paragliding, which is probably the most fun thing I have ever done. I also like growing gourmet mushrooms as a hobby.

O yea, and learning to make cool sites!

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