Story time. I am the kind of failure type, I have to try again in programming

This it’s some of my story after started to how to code
I feel sorry about my English, and the article, I don’t really write anything in English very ofen.
when I’m writing this article, i just writing some things I wanna to tell your guys, so it’s kinda of messy…

I remember that when 06, 2017 I spent 1000 bucks bought my Macbook, and started to learn how to code. I just 17 years old at that time, I don’t know anything about programming, I only heard of in China everyone learn C, at that time, I don’t like to search anything in Chinese(Chinese search engine it’s sucks…).

so I just see so many video in Youtube, I just spent days to see those videos, I know the Codecademy, and did all those things about Python in that website, and learning Python in a Youtube called “The clear programmer”.

in the first month, I spent 8 hours to figure out what exactly it’s coding, what should I do, how soon can become a real programmer, after a month I don’t know anything about those, I can’t figure out anything about python, actually I know, BUT I can’t fully understand programming yet, I’m still like a stranger to all those code…

I feel lost…
because I spent so many time…
I can find anything interesting in programming…
but I know I have to keep study…
then, though one video I found out the website called freecodecamp, I just suddenly feel, If I can keep study in there I must can become a good programmer, maybe just a coder, maybe just a copier…
I have to tell yours guys I just become a copier, I can tell u I FINNISH “THE FRONT END” through copy, I but spend so many hours to figure out, and understand those code…

I spend almost 1000 hours in freecodecamp… !!!

Actually, I went to universtiy at that time, the half year I was in school, study all those like math…
I didn’t learn anything in school well, but bad in code too, I think I spent too much time in code…


I always feel my website it’s ugly, and then started to learn web design, and give up after two month, at the same time forget how to code in font end

I’m doing some really hard project, (for me it’s hard), so I sometime think I should something else to makes my better at some place else.

once I decide to learn math, make my javascript better, but u know, I have to give up 100 hours, I know I can’t keep going

once, I think reading it’s good for me, so I decided to read, but give up too, because I’m not enjoy ALL THOSE

once, writing… study something like android… I just wasted so much time

Programming just MAKES my life so sucks at that time… I’m not doing anything I like to do…

recently I learned how to code in C, in java, BUT just basics, because my school ask us to learn… I wanna started those hard Algorithms too… but not really dare to do the real start…

Basicly I wasted my time in coding… but still I have to learn how to code… code didn’t take me anyting

in 13,03,2018, I lost my Macbook, and started to think all those things, and I don’t really spend so much time in coding anymore.

i read all the time, I see some novel sometimes, because I’m person didn’t read before, just feel we have to read books, i JUST FEEL that I finally doing something I like to do, that I can feel kinda worth it…

doing some thing I need to do, focus on class, care about girlfriend more.

I’m not giving up, i just wish someday I could love code, and I know If u are not ready please don’t hurry about it…

I wish I could meet more good people, and someday I could be really enjoy code.

It sounds like you need to decide what you want.

If you really, really want to code, then chose a path and stick with it.

But if you really don’t like it, then find something else to do. If you hate coding, then don’t torture yourself. Not everyone is cut out to be a coder. Don’t get me wrong, everyone can become a coder if they want it, but not everyone wants to become a coder. There are many great jobs out there that have nothing to do with coding.

But if you really want to become a coder, and are just getting discouraged, then join the club. We call get frustrated and annoyed. This stuff is hard, and confusing, and it keeps changing. Writing bad code is part of the process - as long as it keeps getting better.

If you don’t like the code you’re writing, link some of it in the “Project Feedback” section and ask for suggestions and critiques. If there is something you are confused about, ask the forum - just be specific. I guarantee that you aren’t the only person confused about it.

See if there are any coding meetups in your area. If there aren’t, start one. Meeting with other coders can be inspiring.

I think you just need to decide what you want. We can’t decide for you. And you need to learn to motivate yourself and keep yourself on your path.


I’ve been an Android programmer back in December 2017 to March 2018, And i felt that wasnt the right thing for me, lesser job offers than web development and its not in Demand so, i tried Web Development! I feel good so far, and im learning lots of things, Im just 13 years old! But i know im ready to join an interschool competition already, and its because i study, and i love what im doing!

So i guess you dont mean “you hate coding” or programming, you just hate the track you chose! try another track! like IOS app development, Android app… There are lots of prgramming oppurtunities, more than you think! and its impossible if you dont find one that suits best for you!

Anyways, GoodLuck!

It’s a bit hard to understand what exactly your problem is. If you don’t like to code, why try and force yourself to do it or learn it? Of course, in any learning path there will be frustrating times where you will think you are not making progress, or it’s not worth it. We’ve all been there. But if you’ve spent 1000 hours (!) at freeCodeCamp and you’re not enjoying it or still don’t feel like you are making progress…well, perhaps it’s not for you? Or perhaps there is too much of a language barrier with English teaching materials? Surely there are Chinese resources available somewhere?

It also sounds like you may be taking on too many things at the same time: android, web design, C, Java…perhaps try and focus on one or two things, and try focusing on smaller steps of progress.

What exactly are you studying at university?


Thank u very much. really amazing person!

Thank u for your suggestion, I think I would find my path soon, I just have to be more patient.

I’m studying Software Technology.

I mirror what people have said.

Many people are tempted by coding because it can be a great career path. However, in my mind, it is a career that you need to enjoy, or at least have some passion for, else you just won’t be able to do it.

It sounds like you are focusing mainly on quite traditional programming languages. Maybe look at web development? I studied computer science and did a lot with C, and it isnt necessarily the easiest route into coding, however it is taught because it is strict and teaches good technique.

Have a look over the material on this course. It will be a bit more user friendly than what you are studying and it opens up more diverse opportunities in my mind.

What do you love to do? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What are you good at?

I totally agree with @JABedford, you have to find your fuel which makes you keep going! That being said, unfortunately the process is not easy. I also find myself struggling everyday with algorithms, CS concepts, data structures and so on. Also considering that I have never studied CS before, and considering it’s not more than 1 year that I discovered something named HTML, CSS, JavaScript exists, the web pages just don’t appear out of the sudden by themselves and something named ‘client’ and ‘server’ exists, I am not dissappointed with the process that I’m making. Because every new concept or let’s say every struggle that I’m having is a new door for me like opening to another world. I consistently am having troubles if it’s the right way for me, or if I’m going to earn my living doing some kind of tech-job, but those thoughts immediately disappear by the excitement of hope. Because it’s limitless what you can do, or where you can arrive if you really believe in yourself. It’s not the time you’ve lost doing or not doing some stuff, it’s if it makes your hearth pounds! Hope you the best and just keep going, I strongly believe that you’re going to find what you are searching.

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Thank your guys advises!
I joined a boot camp recently, everything just getting better!!

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