I Didn't Really Paid Attention

I’m the type of person to start trying to learn something new and interesting as soon as I hear about it. But as fast as I gained the interest I also lose it. Sadly, I began losing interest in Coding right after the first two projects. Still, I began the javascript lessons but I never really tried to retain the information given with each passing lesson and, when I started the basic Algorithm Scripting I was in a world of hurt. So, I want the community’s opinion, should I continue where I am and try to BS every single lesson or go back to java and try to “relearn” everything.

(I started using Freecodecamp around mid July, if that matters most likely not)

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Since you only completed the first 4 challenges in the Basic Algorithms section, I would suggest first trying to solve those 4 challenges again from scratch. If you feel you are struggling on them, then I would stop and back up f to the Basic JavaScript section and work through those challenges again. Some will be a breeze, but more than likely if you struggled with the Basic Algorithm section, then it will be worth it to re-learn those basics.

If you BS every lesson, you will not learn anything and will accomplish the same thing as taking the 2 months off. Take it slow an steady and ask questions in the forum if you feel you solved a challenge but don’t feel comfortable with your solution. Also, after solving each challenge in the Basic Algorithm section on your own, I suggest reviewing others’ solutions see in the Guide (hint section). If you do not understand one of those solutions, then pose a question in the forum.

We are all here to learn from one another and to help each other when we are lost.


My opinion is that your problem is not specific to coding and that it’s a habitual problem. If I’m not mistaken, you simply enjoy the thrill and novelty of starting something and you want to give up as soon as the learning curve gets higher. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being interested in many things, but I believe that becoming good at anything requires hard work and discipline.

It doesn’t have to be coding and it doesn’t have to be freeCodeCamp—but if you do choose to make an effort in coding as well as developing discipline I think this isn’t a bad place to start. :slight_smile:


I Didn’t Really Paid Attention

This is grammatically incorrect. To correct your English you can say either:

  1. I didn’t really pay attention.
  2. I haven’t really paid attention.

In titles every beginning letter is capitalized, the title is not a standalone sentence.

Its not good to criticize and this is not English learning platform. It seems you are just spamming arond with irrelevant answers.


Well I could say nothing and the person will continue to use incorrect English. :confused:
Not sure why you are taking umbridge at my comment.
You will find that people will hire someone who has a good command of English as this is an international language.

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There are a lot of people here from other cultures, many of whom are not native English speakers. They do us the honor of working in their second (or sometimes third of fourth language.) I don’t think Johnny meant anything by it, but we have to be careful not to let people feel like their being picked on. As pointed out, this isn’t an English language usage forum. For example, Johnny, I’ll refrain from pointing out the incomplete sentence in your last post.

I don’t think we can turn this into an English language course. You aren’t going to improve someone’s English with one spost. They’re already doing the best they can. You run a much greater risk of making someone unwelcome. (And besides, this forum will be flooded with grammar corrections and debates.) If someone is unclear, it’s fine to ask for a clarification, but to me it was clear enough what he meant. Just my $.02. I assume you meant well, but this could get ugly, fast.

Now to SuperSaiyanThree -

Coding is something that you are going to have to devote a portion of your life to. You will be learning it for the rest of your life. Learning isn’t preparation work to get ready to be a programmer, it is a major part of programming. The programming world is constantly changing and growing. I don’t want to come down hard, but if you are struggling to maintain enthusiasm after 2 projects, then …

I think you need to decide what you want. If you really want to be a programmer, then you need to want to learn. I know you can’t memorize everything and will always need to look some things up, but you need a voracious appetite for new information and technologies.

I’m not sure what you mean by “go back to java” do you mean “javascript”? Java is a different language that has little to do with Javascript.

Did you mean to go back to the beginnings of the JavaScript section and redo them? You wouldn’t be the first person to do that. We all have little areas where we struggle. It that’s what it takes, then do it. You really can’t learn JavaScript too well.


I am sorry but I didn’t mean to offend you. English is beautiful language and we learn it daily.

I learnt “umbridge” from you but seems its miss spelled, the correct word is “umbrage”,

I actually meant that we should only discuss the programming which is based on mathematics (0, 1) plus I didn’t find correct English anywhere in the backend so what is the point.

We need help from experts like you without being criticized since this platform is for beginners if I am correct.

I LOVE YOU :heart_eyes:


I truly appreciate all the comments and feedback on my lack of focus. But, Honmanyau hit it right on the nail. I do have a serious problem with staying on task when things get complicated, I was not disciplined. So, is there a way to counter my problem, because I really do think coding is cool but, the constant learning and difficult procedures deter me.

sorry for my bad Grammar

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Thank you. We should always try to improve everything.

and I Love you! :smile:

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