I made an app that adds your hand signature to PDF files


I made a small program using electron that receives a series of PDF’s and an image of your handwritten signature and it embeds that image in each PDF at the proper location. Currently, the proper location is where a specific text is found in the PDF. This specific text is hardcoded at the moment.

I don’t know what the best approach would be, given the user interface I designed, about integrating a dynamic input for the text that needs to be looked for in the PDF’s. And a part from that, any sort of feedback would be very welcome! :blush:

Also, some of the text in the frontend is in spanish (I’m Spanish and this app was intended to be used by my mom), but the rest of the code should be completely in english. In any case, if anything needs translation, I would be more than happy to translate.

You can find all the code here: https://github.com/nikensss

So, just git clone, npm i and npm start should be enough.

Functionality I am planning to add:
-Chosing a location for the output files
-Changing the text that is used to identify the location of the signature
-A nice on-hover-tooltip to display the error when a file can’t be signed
-Using an MSI installer

This list can be extended.

Thanks a lot!