I Made "My" First Website

I recently created “my” website in Codepen and I would like to get some feedback so here I am. This is actually a crappy website, so I already knew before you know it.

Here is the URL,

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Hello @_player01 !

You probably just made a website of me because it’s so near to how I describe myself. (and that made me smile a bit so good on you) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, to the feedback.

Code wise, I may not be a huge help since I’m also just a beginner but I want to apply I learn so here I gooooo… :open_mouth:

Firstly, it seems that 100% of your page uses the same font (aside from the embedded YouTube font, of course). You can translate it into this instead:

body {
    color: white;
    font-family: monospace;
    background-color: black; /* this is from the <body> tag*/

This is done so you can have a cleaner code (and thus, easier time navigating your code).

Secondly, you can use id and class attribute to design your things with ease and consistency.
For example, for those text that needs to be green, you can assign class = "green" (so you can easily remember it) and put it in one CSS code like this:

.green {
    color: green;

You can classify segments of your page not only by the appearance they need to be but also to about anything so be sure to make good use of those attributes.

That’s all I can say in coding perspective, I’ll leave the bigger things on the more experienced coders over here (and of course, feel free to correct me, everyone :upside_down_face:).

Design-wise, it looks crap but at least it has clear structure and it is readable (although you can probably make the text a bit larger). It also gave me a 2000s vibe for some reason (probably because I’ve seen a lot of webpages from 2000 that uses monospace).

Uhh… what else, it says that you are open to be given more resources.
I can help you with that. Here are some resources that are not listed in your webpage:

Google HTML/CSS style guide
W3 Schools (I mostly use it for quick reference)
Codeacademy (It it similar to SoloLearn, being a free course for coding)

I would also recommend to learn JavaScript as it is always said to be one of the trifecta of web design language (but idk what most people in the related field see it as of now, anyone can clarify to me on this one).

That’s all I can say for now, I’ll probably edit it in what I can additionally say later.
Good luck! I hope that’s considerable to be a good feedback. :grin:

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Ooooo boi, what a reply! Thank you for that, and the reason I didn’t arrange the classes and styles is because of one thing that won’t leave my side, laziness. And the design I’m looking for my website is like the design of Command Prompt, but cleaner.

-checks command prompt
-sees that it has some resemblance

Hmm… Interesting…
If you’re going into that particular design, then I will say that white and green color with black background color is a good take on that, at least for me.
IDK what to say for the other colors, however. :sweat:

— This is some bonus tip so you can skip this part. —
If you want to make some color scheme inspired by the design of Command Prompt and if you’re in Windows, you can right-click in the title bar and select ‘Properties’. You should see some new dialog with color and everything.
You can randomly change (or not, depends on you, ofc) the color of the text and background (and the color of additional text) and see until you see it fit.

Hahaha! Now we’re one step closer being in the same boat. :grin:
But still, try to arrange your page into classes so we can see how you arrange those.

Happy coding!

Thanks for the feedback!