I need a run down of the rules

in the threads

I.d’s start with a (#)
classes start with a (.) . . .

what are the rest of the possibilities and the rules around them? can you direct me to a reference text that breaks down the details. I like the practice but id learn faster able to reference a text.

The CSS section of the curriculum runs down 99% of the possibilities that you will typically use. You can make your own reference sheet from what you learn there.

Yes I considered that as well. I wasnt sure just how many existed. good to know the ones i have seen and will see will be the greater majority.

Not sure if you have learned about pseudo-classes yet, but when you get to those, you could do a google search for sites which contain listings of all the possible pseudo-classes available for the various elements.

Below is one such reference.

Two your two basic ones I would add one basic one - if there is nothing, it refers to an element, like div or h1

Actually, I did find this list which you might like.

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