I need feedback on my portfolio

This is my first website that I built from scratch without any tutorials, all in all, it took me much longer than expected. About 30-40 hours of nonstop work spread over the week. It should look good on all mobile phones + large PC/Laptop. I did my best to make load times fast and hopefully, you guys like it.

site: aidenec.com

I like the designs!!! You have proficiency with CSS! Keep up the good work,
I checked out the travel website mock, nice!! good collage with pictures, excellent!

The travel website mock is from a tutorial… Over the next two months, I want to do 5 sites all on my own and replace the ones on there. I also need to link a pdf resume to the resume btn, but I’m still working on it.

What do you mean “the travel mock is from a tutorial”,? Do you have a link?

sorry I did not even realize what I put in, the pink site (also travel) is from udemy, https://www.udemy.com/advanced-css-and-sass/learn/v4/overview . I recommend it as its a very good course. The bluish site I made using a PSD mock up, so it was all me code wise (no-help) but the design was already pre defined.


Ok, so if I understand correctly, they give you a screenshot and you have to rebuild it in CSS/HTML?

for “http://stoic-bhabha-8d5e52.bitballoon.com/” : I found a PSD online and built it using what I know, if i did not know something I looked it up. No hand holding but its not my design.

for “http://vigilant-meitner-2be776.bitballoon.com/” : it was a udemy course that basically did everything from a-z

Thanks for the links,

I never tried “Udemy”, how does it compare with FCC?

Well they are diffrent as in FCC makes you go out and lean on your own so that you can compleate the chalanges, and Udemy couses are usely “guide you by the hand”. I feel like I learn best using a combination of many resourses inclding FCC and udemy. However udemy couses are not free and there are about 30,000 of them so you need to know witch one is good. The advanced css and sass couse “link above” is exelent, and i realy recomend it. But there where other courses that I felt where a waist of money. However you get a 30 day money back guarentee so if you do buy someting you dont like then its not that big of a deal.

Nice bizz model, thanks for explaining

I see you are in Poland (I am in Zurich myself, my path to got this job was via reading a sh*tload of books (I think 7-10 total) and FCC Projects).

I followed you via github, Could you add your email, and weblink to your github profile? ( I know you mention them on your site, but most devs contact list are github profiles).

Nice to meet you. Looking forward to your further work!