I need help again ;-;

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well the script i have is being weird and i dont understand what im supposed to do cause anything i do has an error ;-; help

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var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line
myVar ++ 1;

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Challenge: Increment a Number with JavaScript

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HI @AScriptingNoob !

If you want to say myVar = myVar + 1;
Then you can use the shorthand property of variable name++

I would re-read the instructions for the challenge again very carefully:

You can easily increment or add one to a variable with the ++ operator.


is the equivalent of

i = i + 1;

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but my problem here is where i put the ++ :confused:

Again, look at the instructions:

i = i + 1; is the same thing as i++;

The default code in the challenge is:

myVar = myVar + 1;

Does that look similar to one of the expressions in the instructions?

OH THANK YOU i understand now i just needed to look harder

Congrats! Ya, we all miss things the first time and sometimes need someone else to help see them :slight_smile:

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