I need help with a level

I don’t know how to add src attribute that points at the image

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Thank you.

Here’s the basic syntax for an image element.
<img src="url that points at the image" alt="image description">

Check this below:

<img src="image url" alt="image description">

syntax for adding image to your code is

src ======== means source of that image for example :

i have one image name animal.jpg and which is placed in images folder then path of my image will be === src=“images/animal.jpg”

alt == means alternative text, this text will help you if your image is not visible then this alternative text will be shown at the place of your image.

title ==== will help you , to show when someone hover over your image then this will give information about your image .

for example laptop
now move your cursor over image and you will see some text that is title ( i showing your laptop title)

alt and title value you can give whatever you want

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