Im stuck need help

I’m trying to add an image to my code but it keeps saying my image should have a src attribute that points to the image

please could you try help me my code is under this text

<img src="https --------------- alt=“relaxing cat”

Challenge: Add Images to Your Website

Challenge provides you with this example:

<img src="" alt="Author standing on a beach with two thumbs up.">

Did you see it? And if yes, did you try to parse it, meaning to understand what different symbols in that code mean?

hey, if you are trying to add the image from the internet, make sure you write its address well but if it is an image you have in your computer, make sure they are in the same folder with your html file.

If you want to add image from computer you must make sure that your image is in the same folder
Command for that is

<img src="name_of_file_with_extension" alt="something">