I need help with my Images

Hi people, I am creating a responsive website. I need help with the line 105. I can’t change the image size of the logo.


line 105 is for the Desktop Version.
line 114 is for the Mobile Version.

Please, somebody, help me.

Can you post a link to your site code?

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I’m stupid xD. https://codepen.io/Admadary/pen/YLgGdj.

Uhm, can you see the images on your pen? I can’t :confused:
The path seems to be a local one.

That said, what’s happening in line 105? I read this:
width: 845px;
What do you mean you can’t change it?

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Sorry Layer, I already discovered how to do it. However, thank you to try to help me. I just need to put: width: 845px !Important; and it works.

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