I need help with my logo image

Hi people, I am creating a responsive website. I need help with the line 105. I can’t change the image size of the logo.


line 105 is for the Desktop Version.
line 114 is for the Mobile Version.

Please, somebody, help me.

I am still learning how to use code pen. But i kinda fiddled with your codes on both lines, seems like line 114 is overriding whatever is in 105, like you can completely remove 105 and NOTHING happens! I remember that it is possible to make changes like you are requesting with bootstrap but it seems the bootstrap action may not be working?

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In order to be able to help you we need to see also the images. on codepen unless you have a pro account, you must link your images from external sources like cloudinary, github, dropbox, etc

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Thank you both. sorinr, I am about to do that.

I posted it here. First time using the website.

You can add !important to your width in line 105 and it will work. Like width: 845px !important;

THANK YOU sorinr :smile: