I need help with this challenge HTML

There’s another way to associate an input element’s text with the element itself. You can nest the text within a label element and add a for attribute with the same value as the input element’s id attribute.

Associate the text Loving with the checkbox by only nesting the text Loving in a label element and place it to the right side of the checkbox input element.

Hi @PatrickEssien !

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Can you please let us know the issue you are having?
This sounds like one of the beta challenges

this is my solution and i have tried different approach and I can seem to get it.

 <input id="Loving" type="checkbox">
            <label for="Loving"> </label>

Can you also send over the link to the challenge so I can test it on my end?

But just lookin at your code, it looks like you are missing the text here

It looks like the label text should be Loving.

There are two issues with your code.

You are missing the Loving text for the label here

You are not supposed to capitalize the word loving here

Once you fix those issues, then the test will pass

Thank you. will revert back

Thank you so much. I have corrected it as advised. it has passed