I need laptop advice/

I need a new laptop to do some web dev on. On it, I am going to do React, a bit of ASP.NET. But most things are going to be JS-based.
I have been coding on a Toshiba Satellite C650, 4gb ram, P6000 Pentium processor 1.87GHz. And it not that bad of a laptop. It is 9 years and 10 months old. It is nearing the end of its days. I can feel it. But it is still reliable, it just that I noticed it runs slower than I can bear when I do some React coding. I am on a budget. So I am considering buying Acer, 4gb ram(which I will expand to 8), 500 HDD, and a Celeron N4000 (1.10GHz, a burst of 2.6Ghz) or better Celeron.
Is this computer good enough for what I want to do? The rest of the time I will be reading, watching something, or some light gaming (card-games and old arcade games).
I plan to get a better laptop sometime next year. My laptop now is reliable but I fear it might die on me anytime. I rather have something that is pleasant to work on while I save up for a monster spec laptop.

There aren’t specific requirements for doing web development. I always suggest that people get something with a comfortable screen, keyboard, and that fits well in their budget.

If you have the budget I would really try to get one with a SSD instead as that will speed things up quite a bit.

Thank you, I just don’t want something I will regret buying. I don’t regret this laptop.

I am thinking of upgrading it to SSD in a month