I Need Portfolio Help!

Hey All,

I’m trying to figure what I did wrong. The divs are not stretching across the whole web page (there is white space- a lot of it.) I’ve been stuck on this for an hour or so and cant figure it out. The other thing is that I can’t get my name to be centered. Any help would be great!

Thanks in Advance!

Here’s my codepen:

See the Pen Portfolio Bones by Vincent Collins (@Tillix) on CodePen.

comment out
.header padding 15%
.about padding 20px
set left and right paddings to 0
padding: 20px 0;

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Thanks! That worked instantly. Is there any hope in centering my name in the div?

heres centering guide
https://css-tricks.com/centering-css-complete-guide/ pick whichever you prefer)

try not to use <br /> for positioning

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Thanks. One more thing. Lol. What do you think about it so far? Is it ugly, should I use different colors etc?

It looks good, contemporary )) better than mine definitely lol you might want to add some space on the left and text abt you is difficult to read when its on the light-grey part of bg, and im not a big fan of "long shadows"
not sure abt stripes at the bottom … meaning theres nothing there but couple of tiny words, its work in progress i believe
anyways like they say here in FCC “personal style” blah blah blah))
and one more thing : formatting code carefully will improve readability and it gets really important for bigger projects

If you want to center elements, take a look at How To Center In CSS. It’s a really nice site, and if you take your time and answer the questions correctly, it spits out some code that can really help you.