Portfolio project finished. But still stuck on 2 issues

Hi Campers,

I finished the Portfolio page. I just use sample data because I want to focus on coding. I will add my real projects later (currently this is the second project). After learning lessons from my mobile-mess-up Tribute page, The Portfolio page is responsible now :slight_smile:

It’s really take time to “try and error” aligning all the jumping div, lol. I still not clear about auto spacing.

I still stuck on 2 issues :

  • The page content (below navbar) pull to the left ~20px when slide page to left, it’s emberrass user especially in mobile when scroll down. I don’t know why (is it because “container fluid” ?)
  • How to automatically vertical center or horizontal center 2 divs in a parents div ? (I must use manual col/margin/padding, but I want it’s auto center when the paragraph’s length change, margin:auto or translate seem just work for 1 div).

Thanks FCC,


Looks fantastic! Good job!

Thanks @vxm007 :slight_smile:
Any suggest on my issues?

Wow! I love the color scheme you used! It’s so neat! We nearly have the same style of layout, you can see here (it’s not complete yet) but yours is so much better primarily in color! Good job bro! You are inspiration to me. :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile: Your project look nice too when you seen so “teenage”.

I tried to stick on Sample Project layout. I think that the one who’s created the Samples have their purposes in each learning stage.

Keep learning fun :relaxed: