Help and feedback for my portfolio! please :)

Hello everyone,

here is my very simple portfolio…

my project button doesn’t align in the center, I do not understand why!

Thank you for looking!

I’m pretty sure that you know about margin auto…
other ways to center

  1. place project button in a div container and use flexbox align-center and justify-content center
  2. if you are using positioning absolute or fixed you can : left 50%; translateX( - half the value of the width of the button)
    which centers the button in the middle of the middle of the page(if that make sense)

There are other ways to center but I find myself using these the most

use your devtools to experiment on your page in debug mode and just copy it over to your codepen when you got it just right

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Love the font, could you share the font name?

Hey @noethix,
Your looks very good.
Font, color everything is good-looking.

As @alonzathompson, margin: 0 auto; will fix that.
Also, one thing i noticed is that contacts button in your navbar doesn’t work.

Very good project though.

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@aditya_p thank you for your input, and the kind words!

@alonzathompson thank you! i think i’m running on empty after spending the past five hours on this :confused:

it’s comfortaa , the fonts are in the CSS part :slight_smile:

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