Trouble with personal portfolio

Dear freeCodeCamp members,

I am having trouble with centring the social media buttons in a row (LinkedIn, gitHub, freeCodeCamp, etc.), so it aligns neatly underneath the title, “Hello Studio”.

If anyone has any ideas to fix this, please let me know. It will be much appreciated.

Here’s is my portfolio page:

Thank you,

Hey Kyle, it looks like the Codepen embed you posted is 404ing, would you be able to repost it so we can take a look?

Thanks for your reply tetchi, I have re-edited the question.

I’m not too familiar with Bootstrap, but looking at their Grid documentation, I think the justify-content-md-center CSS class is what you want. You can apply that class on your row that wraps your social icons to center them.

Here’s a fork of your Pen to show you what I mean:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, tetchi. :smile: That helped a lot, I was struggling to do that for days! :neutral_face: