Portfolio page nearly done but need help with one last bit

The title says it all really. I’ve finished my portfolio page which you can see here but there’s one bit I’m really not happy with. I want my bootstrap links to social media centered on my page but cannot seem to do it. I’d also like the font a bit bigger, which I did have but then lost when I changed my font. Where I’ve searched for answers, these just don’t seem to work for me.

Other than that one menu I’m pretty happy. I haven’t used much other than html and css because I don’t particularly get on with Bootstrap at the moment (hence my query) and would like to move on rather than dwell on it for ages - who knows maybe it’ll make more sense when I’ve learnt a bit more. Any feedback always appreciated.

Thanks all

Good job on the page eddhodson.
One simple cure for center aligning your social media buttons.
They are contained in a <div class="container">.
Just add text-center. like this. <div class="container text-center">

To target the font try this
.greybtn p {
font-size: 1.5em;
adjust 1,5 to your liking or use px

Just curious. Why did you set it up to be so narrow? You are cutting off 300px
even when in full page view.


And thank you for the help. Your suggests have solved my issues, after how long I spent on it and how many google searches I worked through I can’t believe how simple it was. Really appreciate it though because it was driving me nuts.

No reason other than I liked the look of it on other pages I’ve seen in the past. Thinking about it, the limited amount of info on there at the moment might look a bit sparse too if I used the full screen.

Glad I could help you out.
:slight_smile: Happy coding.