I need your suggestion

If one girl , she just has HTML and CSS and a little JavaScript knowledge, and she wants to build a website for example : dating website , when people open it need to sign up login , then no need too good , just common function something like : local area, search bar and so on . so what does she need to learn ? and which host cloud need to use ? If you can tell I am really happy and appreciate. Thank you. :smiley: :heart:

A site like that is going to need some kind of backend. You mention cloud - you could use something like Firebase to handle that if it doesn’t get too complicated.

I should also point out the Visit the Curriculum button in the top left. The first 6 certificates give you a MERN stack, a good solid base for what you’re trying to do.

Thank you for your help. so seems I have a lots of things to learn :joy:
I just feel like I don’t know where I need to start to learn. before I tried to use AWS cloud, but since I apply a domain name there seems something wrong, I can’t purchase and I still can’t have my domain name. I tried so many times but still failed. :joy: I am very depressed.

Getting a domain name is a different issue. And aws probably has a way to do your backendcloud stuff. FCC teaches MERN stack, but there are other approaches. Even if you have somehing handle your backend, you’re probably going to want a modern ser interface library. FCCt teaches the basics of React (the R in MERN) but there are other options.

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AWS is short for “Amazon Web Services”. They provide services to host/run/scale your app. Your app could be written and built any number of ways and you can pay AWS to have more/less resources to run it. This is essentially how all public clouds work, including Microsoft’s Azure and Google’s Google Cloud Platform.

The cloud is counterpoint to traditionally buying your own server yourself, and then running your application on it. If your server goes down, or you need to update your server, your responsible. You’d also need to personally maintain it, and secure it. Its also possible you spent a bunch of money on it and only actually need a small portion of it. All of these challenges disappear if you use “the cloud”.

With that said, these cloud services can help you run your app. But they wont do much in regards to building it for you. There are services (like the above mentioned Firebase) that can provide “more help” at the cost of less control, but generally what you want to do is more up to you.

To register a domain is similar to buying rights to a specific place on the internet, or address if you will. You usually work with a service that can buy/sell domains that will work with the main domain registrars so everyone knows where a given domain name “goes to” on the internet.

If you use AWS to host/run your app, and buy a domain for it, you’d essentially “forward” all traffic for a given domain name to where-ever your AWS app is hosted running.

All of that above is essentially “operations”, or “ops”. This is the sort of stuff required to support your actual running code. This doesn’t include the code itself, or what it does/needs.

FreeCodeCamp can help you learn that part, which is where you’d get to code and build what you need before setting up the actual “operations” to supporting it while its running out on the internet.

It is a lot to learn, but see it as a journey that can be tough, but enjoyable.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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Thank you very much. :grin: I learned some MERN before, but I think I forget then I will read that again. :+1:t2:

Thank you for your helping. I will try to understand and learn more. :slightly_smiling_face: very appreciate. :+1:t2:

Iam one of"one girl" you are talked about. Let me give you some guide first.
You need to understand javascript first, not just a litle, but at intermediate level. And you also need to learn a tad of framework you need to use. Especially if you gonna start the project alone. It will be a hurdle to overcome. I personally made a project, and it takes 3 weeks to finish, you can check it at the bottom of this reply.
There are 2 route for this. The first 1 is you do it solo (fullstack) then you colab with your backend friend (you worked as frontend).
As frontend :
Then pick 1 framework for Javascript.

  1. React (i suggest React, most commonly used)
  2. Redux (This is a state management, to store the data after getting API from backend) API itself is a link from backend that can be used by frontend to get some backend data.
  3. Thunk/Persist (This is a framework for redux to save the token when user login, if you dont wanna add another framework, you can try to use local storage)
    OPTIONAL Do it after you finish the project to add the value of it.
    A. Formik / Yup for login function (this is optional to improve the security of your website)
    B. Styling framework (Bootsrap, MUI, Tailwind, i suggest Bootsrap its easier to use)
    If you wanna go fullstack (Solo) mode.
    M => MonggoDb
    E => Express.js
    R => React
    N => Node.js

this is my project as a frontend (Hope it will be helpfull to you)
GitHub - siraftel/see-event > Repository
https://see-event-b.herokuapp.com/ > Website
Best regards :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. you are really great :+1:t2: and you also made a awesome website. looks nice. :grin: by the way , could I ask how long time have you learned coding ? appreciate!

Ok , thank you for telling me . I will read it later. :slightly_smiling_face:

Off course. Glad it can help.
I have learned coding fulltime since September 2021. I made that project in February. So you need about 5 months until you areready to make a project like that.

OMG. you are so great . you really gave me confidence. ok , I will learn from you and learn harder. :smiling_face:

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