I paid for and now attend a "real" coding bootcamp. Ask me anything

I started back in May, and my final presentation is on Nov 1st. I’m more than halfway through.

Why did I do it? I was able to teach myself HTML and CSS using FCC and Youtube but just couldn’t get a grip on javascript without some real one-on-one kind of help.

What’s the biggest challenge? They go REALLY fast and they expect us to practice and learn extra stuff off hours to deepen our understanding. A minimum of 20 hours a week of extra work is required if you want extra tutoring. I have a project due every single Saturday, and 3 big group projects due by the time its all over.

What’s the advantage? The one-on-one help that I get from my instructor, the TAs and other (more advanced) students. Maybe that part alone makes it worth all the money I’m paying for it, to be honest.

So why am I still lurking here? I come to FCC first to clarify any concepts that are difficult for me. And I do plan to get all of my certifications on FCC after I finish the bootcamp I’m currently enrolled in. Only because I can’t handle both at the same time.

Do I recommend it? I suppose I think that if you’re like me, and you suck with motivating yourself to learn on your own, maybe think about it. If you are crushing it on FCC, don’t waste your money because the curriculum here is AWESOME. Its actually better than my bootcamp’s curriculum and the order in which you’re taught things makes more sense.

Just to be clear, I’m not posting on here to advocate paying for a bootcamp, but I remember being curious about “real” bootcamps when FCC was all I was doing. So are you curious about all this? Ask me anything. :smile:

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i have also been to a coding bootcamp also. however for my case they forces MEAN stack down my throat.

How are they explaining concepts? Are they just issuing training videos and letting you do the rest? Are they hand-holding you every step of the way? Is it somewhere in between?
Just take us through what happens in a typical day/session. Would be rather helpful to compare and contrast.

I recently paid a deposit and signed a contract for a local web development bootcamp. I have fairly extensive self-taught knowledge of front-end tech (JS, React, HTML, CSS, some Sass) and broad but shallow knowledge of the back end (client-server model, Node, Ruby (not Rails), Python (not Django)). I’d be curious to know, did your bootcamp have anyone with a similar profile to mine, and if so, how did they fare?