I succeed my developer interview and accepted yesterday, but should I really take it?

Currently, I’m working as an HR Administrator with my salary around 3.5 million Rupiah, this developer job will only give me 1,5 million on the 1st month, 2 million on the 2nd, 2.5 million on the 3rd, then they will adjust it based on my performance. What do you think guys?

If you can afford it and this is really, really what you want to do, then I’d take it - it’s a chance to get some experience and build the resume. If you do that, there will be better paying jobs down the road.

Hi @edwinharly.

In my opinion its a risk you have to consider depending on what do see yourself doing? is it HR admin? or is it web developer? are you willing to sacrifice a considerable amount of salary but you get the opportunity to gain some developer experience that could get you after that first job to demand more money maybe with 2+ years of experience that you gained in the first job, is up to you and if you need the money or can survive the first 3 months with a lower salary.

If the developer market gives a 3.5 and higher million salary i’ll go for it and suck it up the first 3 months in exchange of the experience.


I agree with the previous responses. Is the pay for the developer job comparable to other similar developer jobs at the same level? If so, you would have to take a pay cut when you change careers anyway no matter which company you went to work for. If the developer job will eventually lead to equal or better pay than your HR position, and if you will enjoy the developer position more, then you should take the job.