Got my first developer job: How I got it + Questions about the salary

Hey everyone!

5 months ago I got my first developer job! I did a diploma of professional studies(not sure it’s a thing outside of where I live) to become an IT tech and there was a html/css/php class and decided it was what I wanted to do instead of repairing computers. I did an internship in a little startup(they were 4 people) for a month. They mainly make wordpress and shopify website. I made an adwords script for them even though I was the only developer and had no idea what adwords was before starting. I also helped with other technical stuff they couldn’t fix on the websites they were working on. I spent most of the time reading the adwords script documentation and trying things that didn’t work, but managed to get it done faster then they thought I would. They were actually really happy with what I did and called me 2 months after my DPS for a job!

Now I’ve been working there for 5 months and I am really happy with the job(it’s actually my first job ever!), but I need speak with my boss about my salary. I’m currently making 300$ CAD per week which is not a lot, but I have a very flexible work schedule. Since lately I’ve been working 2-3 days a week + some days at home when there’s some emergency. So it was actually ok, but lately I’m working a little bit more. I know I should speak with him about that and I’m sure it won’t be a problem, but I’m not sure what a basic salary for a junior web developer without much experience or any big studies should be. Anyone could help me with that?

Also, I’m making a shopify app for them which they think will bring a lot of money. I’m the only one coding it since I’m the only developer. They give me their ideas of what they want the app to be, and I code them. The designer will soon give me a model(not sure what I should call this, like just an image of what the app should look like) that I’ll do my best to translate to css. My boss is offering me 10% of the profit from the app, but I’m not sure if I should be content with this since I’m the only one making most of the job on this project. Should I ask for more or should I be happy he’s offering me this?

I’m a little stressed about all this, they feel like good people, I feel like I have a good relation with them and I’d be happy to work with them for a long time, but I don’t want to get tricked. Maybe I’m worrying too much :sweat:


First of all, congratulations for your first job.

It is called mockup.

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