I think I finished my Tribute Page

I’m not completely satisfied with it, as I don’t particularly like centering the elements by manually entering in pixels for the margin, but it works.

I am off to start the next project, but I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to improve this site.

Also, how do I host it as a website? Can I do that or is it forever a pen?

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Your image doesn’t load in Chrome and Firefox. I get the alt-text (rainbow in the dark). [Note, after I went to the link via the source code, the browser was able to find it]. GitHub Pages might solve your hosting and image location problems. I would really suggest not moving on until you reach your layout goals. The time you spend will improve your performance. If you have questions, use this search string: “w3 <css term or concept>”. For example “w3 margin” - simple explanations and “Try it” playgrounds that let you modify the code and see what happens. You can check out my CSS cheatsheet for some handy shortcuts. As for centering, W3 to the rescue


This code is starting to look like a hot mess, I think I’m just going to start from scratch using some guidelines or a skeleton layout from one of the sites you recommended to give me an idea of where it is all going.

CSS and Stack Overflow is talking about using “divs”, but I don’t remember how “divs” work, and trying to insert it into the code now just looks too confusing.

Just try not to copy/paste and take things straight up. I also recommend not following any sort of layout.
Just make something, then tweak it and fix mistakes you make. I’m new to web dev stuff but have been coding a long time and know that doing these things are what will teach you to code MUCH faster than anything else. Even if you made it perfect the first time and think you’re done, spend 1 full day tweaking it to look as good as possible and be very responsive. All of the lessons are to pretty much show you that something exists, nobody will know how to fully implement them or remember all of them.
Working on the projects is the way you truly learn to code, so just try not to cheat yourself out of the great learning experience. Good luck!