Feedback for a Tribute Page


Here is the link to my tribute page and all feedback is welcome. It’s my first webpage, woohoo!

It’s not in English and it’s not about a person…but apart from that it’s what I hope is expected.

Thanks in advance,

It looks good but maybe align the first image more in the middle?

@SetLikeJelly, it looks good. Some things you can do;

  • you’re failing one of the tests. Go back and clear that up
  • run your HTML through a validator. codepen provides you with one. Click on the arrow in the upper right and then click on the 'Analyze link. (There’s one for CSS and JS too) Clean up your HTML.

Ok, I’ve added margin: auto; to help with that, though desktop and iPad it looked aligned. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Anytime my man but it looks good

Thanks, useful feedback. I got rid of breaks in my list and used margin in CSS instead. Trying to get rid of the last inspector error.

Still passing all tests though.

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Post iontach, bualadh bos :smiley:

I’m using Chrome on Windows (same on Firefox though) and the image is not centering so it is showing as failing a test.

Instead of trying to center it by using the margin set to auto, ever think of setting the img-div display to use flex and use that to align your image - will make life totally easier for yourself!

Beannachtaí ó chontae clare


Ok, so I need to stop playing around on the iPad so much. Everything looked so nice and well proportioned.

Added Flexbox, checked it out on chrome on windows, all good. Just doesn’t look that nice on huge screen.

My take away: responsive web design, walk don’t run :crazy_face:

You can make everything stack one on top of the other in mobile view because the images shrink too much. View the page on your cell phone.

Good job on your first webpage!
I did not do as well as you did on my first web page that I made a few years ago. I used a table for the layout which was a really bad idea.