Issues with Tribute Page Exercise

Hey, I only started out here a week ago and have no other coding experience.
After initial issues (very minor but I’m petty) I finally managed to set up my tribute page.
Yesterday it was all fine and the way I wanted it. I even have a screenshot from my friend that he took before I finished it, although at that point the texts were just placeholders.
Yesterday in bed I looked over the code again and realized that suddenly one of the images wasn’t scaled properly anymore and tried to fix it with no success, thought maybe it’s just my phone since it’s not mobile responsive yet but I had no luck on my desktop today either.
Can anyone see why the image doesn’t respond to it’s class properties in the style sheet anymore?

Here’s a link to the pen

I don’t exactly know why, but if you indent your code using SHIFT+TAB, it will work.

You also forgot to put an ending tag of your <div class="row">, which might cause problems in the future.

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I don’t understand why you chose to put some of your CSS styles inside your html page and some in the external style sheet, but I would suggest placing all of the styles in one place (preferably the external stylesheet).
Other than that, I would also suggest, to put some indentation and spacing that would ease readability and allow to quickly see any errors your might have.
Take note that you have spelled the selector for the html in your CSS, Html. It should be just html.
Once I put the style rules for the image in the external style sheet, they worked.

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Thanks that fixed it! I dont get why either but I’ll keep this in mind, it’s quite handy.

Yeah you’re right, I guess I didn’t really consider that other’s would have to read through my mess too and not have as easy a time as me.
I’m actually not sure why I did that either but seperately it’s much cleaner. Thank you!