Help Finishing My Tribute Page

Hey everyone trying to fix my tribute page. I cant seem to get my

lines to be even across. I want one to go fully underneath my paragraphs and second image. Anyone able to help me with that? Also trying to size the color for my instagram link so it doesn’t go so far across. Thanks for the help!!

Did this help? :nerd_face:

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Thanks yes that def did help it’s looking better! Curious I was going to try and put the gif next to the the paragraphs and put the three where u moved them to. Any idea how to go about doing that? It’s been driving me crazy whenever I’ve had a free moment trying to figure it out lol

You can use the Bootstrap columns to organise the layout. Remember you have 12 columns across.

thanks i was continuously closing my divs at the wrong spot and everything was lining up vertically rather than horizontally.

Also certain tags like <br> and <hr> don’t need closing tags but when you get to React & JSX all tags must be closed or self closing i.e. <br/>