I want to come clean about something

So, I did Basic JavaScript Algorithm and Data Structure course, but only on the Basic JavaScript Section. I didn’t know there were other sections. Clumsy and eager me, I instantly applied to get the certification, finalizing the course. I just went there my way to copy and paste (plagiarize) almost the entireity of others solution, and at last, I got my certification. Just a few minutes later, I realized something. The Academic Honesty Policy. I panicked after I read it because I know I didn’t do all my work by myself. I was afraid of how the consequences that can happen all because of a bad habit. Can a moderator revoke and cancel my certifications, let me finish the whole course on other sections first, and redo the final exercise, please? I’m so sorry for being unethical.

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Welcome there,

I am glad you want to learn as best you can :slightly_smiling_face:

At the moment, we do not have a method for Campers to unclaim certifications. So, what I suggest you do is set your “My certifications” setting to “Private”, and complete the work yourself. Then, once you resubmit solutions with your own code, set the setting back to “Public”.

Happy coding

I don’t understand the part where you said “complete the work yourself” since the certification is done. Do you mean complete the course?

Since you submitted solutions that were copied from other sources you will need to submit new solutions.

You will need to go through all 5 of the certification projects and do them again and submit your own code.

Hope that clears it up.

And how to get through all the certification projects again? Could you please show me?

You click the ‘reset code’ button and the project again from scratch.

May I know where this button is?

It’s right next to the button to submit the code. Go look at the page.

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