I want to learn JS.... But i can't remember a

Hello everybody,
I just finish the first project, Roll game, of JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures. After a few hours of finish it I tried to write some scripts to see what I retained from th project and the only things i could write has been.
let xxx
const zzz
function aaaa()
and not much more. I dont espect to, after finish this project, be a master in JS but … :smirk: :worried: :pleading_face: at least something interactive…
Can people give me tips to understand and retaine the lines I write?

At your request and invitation I have a comment that might be beneficial to understand.
Please, remove from your mind any expectation of how long it must take for you to learn to code in JavaScript. Do not engage in setting deadlines for you, since most likely any attempt to do so it will result in a fictitious and unrealistic time goal that will make you fail.
Just repeat the same course again, slow and steady, looking for details you overlooked and with the goal of understanding every line, instead of trying to pass the course.


Hello wizardinaction,
well… that’s exactly what i am trying… and sometimes, yes i get the logic, i get the syntax and i write it correctly but 10 minutes after is gone.
can you recomend any web or github repo to write little projects?
I suppose, because i dont have the brain to think in what can i do with JS, I really dont understand what can I write.
meaning… at the moment, JS is just scripts to make a web interactive.
but i dont know what to do.
Do i explain ? :grimacing: :grimacing: myself?
I explain myself the way I write JS… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

JavaScript takes time to learn and you don’t need to memorize anything. Just keep working on it

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It takes time.

What you have experienced is what everyone does when they first start. You follow a guided tutorial and everything goes pretty smoothly. Then you try to code something on your own and come to the realization that it is much harder to write code when you have to do it all on your own. That is a good thing that is where you want to be, in that uncomfortable zone of not knowing exactly what to do. The lessons learned from coding on your own are what will get you to where you need to be.

Just don’t expect too much in the beginning, it takes time, patience, and persistence. You will have to follow tutorials for some time to learn the basics first. But I would highly encourage you to do small projects where you practice what you learned. Just start small, take bits and pieces from the tutorials, and use them in your own code.

Learning to code is more akin to learning to ride a bike than preparing for an exam. It is more about building muscle memory than it is about trying to remember specifics. You will forget plenty of things but you will learn to quickly reacquire the knowledge. It is one of the best ways to learn, forgetting and relearning builds stronger memories.


You explained it adequately enough to be understood. And I have to reiterate I think you are concerned with an unrealistic perception of how long it should take.
Definitely, you are working though the fog of being aware of coding and not knowing enough to defend for yourself. That’s common.
I suggest you keep using what’s available, here at freecodecamp and repeat if necessary, until you, by your own ability, feel you can look for what’s next.

i get that, needs a lot of practice to write from scrach.
and imagination… :laughing: :laughing:

@footroot if you do not skip at practicing riding a bike, at one point you’ll figure out what are the possibilities and even learn that you could lift the front wheel and ride on one wheel alone (and make the educated decision not to do so)