I was offering free JavaScript tutoring --Closed--

Edit: Thanks to everyone that has sought me out. More than a dozen people have looked me up on gitter, and it’s good to be able to help people through their problems.

I’m happy to help people out who are just starting with JavaScript on FreeCodeCamp. I can offer guidance / help over skype with something like codeshare.io

My time zone is UTC+09:00 (Asia / Oceania side of the world)

If you are new to programming and need help with JavaScript, feel free to get in touch.
Happy coding! :sunny:


That would be awesome… im self learning everything no degree. i live in Seattle (Pacific Time Zone)& this would help alot… im on Jquery right now but i appreciate the fact your offering tutoring for javascript & i would definitely would take you up on your offer

I would love to learn JavaScript please add me on skype my skype ID is kurdi82

I’m sorry, I assumed there was private messaging here.
If you want to find me, please search for me on gitter.
You can send me a private message by going to

-> See all people (top right)
-> Search
-> dubsta (that’s me!)
-> chat privately

If you click someone’s username on the left it should pop up a modal box with their badges and also a button that lets you do private messages.

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Hey Zcassini :smile:

I would love to go over some problems with you and talk code :grin:

how do i use the ++ operator

@zcassini Yes, I get the modal box with the badges, but I don’t see any button to private message. Just a link to that person’s profile. Could you try sending me a PM, just so I can see how it works?

@jakefromstatefarm512 @Hursey11
Hi, I’d love to help you out with Javascript, please look me up on gitter, if you can!

@kurdi82 I added you on skype, you just need to accept the request.

Wow great thanks for the offer – I would like to become good with JavaScript some day…!

i couldnt find you on gitter! im starting on javascript right now!!

I’d appreciate this wonderful offer as I’m having a tough time grasping JavaScript.

I’ve added you on Gitter but just awaiting a response. Feel free to add me on Skype: RaeNovaC


I see you’re in Kobe. Lucky! You have several options for meetups and networking there, it seems. Here in Nagoya, I can’t find anything active. :frowning:

I’m sorry my Skype ID is Danny Kurdi
or through my live account which is live:dannykurdi