I would like to reset my Javascript progress

Hi! I would like to reset my “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures” progress, but still keep my finished “Responsive Web Design” progress and certification. I did the Javascript stuff a while back and would like a fresh start but I only see the option to reset all progress and I don’t want to have to redo the Web Design stuff. Is this possible? Would an Admin be able to do this for me? Thanks in advance!

you can just go to the first challenge in the JavaScript certification and start from that one, you can redo the challenges as many times as you want

A possible workaround…

If you are wanting that so that you can use the checks to track which ones you’ve done because you’ve already done them all so they are all checked…

You could make another account with a different email (just make a random hotmail or something). Then go do that section under new account.

Then go do the projects under this account if you want Certification on this account.

Or you could log out and do them anonymously (logged out) but I am not sure if it will save your progress if you close browser or clear cache if you aren’t logged in.

@ieahleen This doesnt work because it shows my previous answers and doesn’t save my (further back) progress point.

@a_aramini I didn’t know that you could do the course not logged in. It doesn’t keep track of my progress, but I can just make a new bookmark where I’m at each session. It’s not a perfect solution, but it will work! Thank you!

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