I would love some pointers on my tribute page project

I completed my tribute page and passed the tests. However I couldn’t seem to get my header text to resize correctly with the background img. Any tips to get it to stay the right size would be awesome. Also please feel free to point out anything accessibility mistakes I may have made or any other format errors I might have. Thank you for your help!


Hi @rbrazell1!

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For me, sometimes the blue text is a little hard to read.

So maybe you could move the quote below the image.

Thanks for the heads up, I thought I had already set it all up.
Thank you for checking out my project. I’ll find another color, the blue was more of a place holder while I tried to get the text to work. In your opinion is the issue of the text not resizing a minor detail? Or did I just completely miss a RWD idea such as “flex:” or “grid:”?

For the text, you could use relative units like rem or em instead of pixels.