I'd like some feedbacks on my design

I already know some stuff about programming but I lack severely on the design department. Trying to get better at it while I go over FCC course. If you have some time, please give me some feedback.

It’s widely off-topic. Choose an historical figure or something precise. “Human history” is far too broad and thus so is your tribute page :slight_smile:

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It’s a tribute page for the human history, nowhere it says it must be a person, or at least I didn’t find it. Well, not that anybody will care anyway, right? Any feedback on code or design? That timeline wasn’t that easy todo (in desktop mode).

Thanks for the post :wink:

I for one think it’s a pretty cool idea and a creative design :slight_smile: One thing I’d change is remove the negative margin from the lines, don’t think it looks good when they cross the vertical line. Also, go easier on the shadows, I’d drop the transparency in both cases (the picture and the container) to 0.3.

And the topic is definitely not broad.

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Only looked on the phone, but the layout looks really smart, nice job!

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Oh, those negative margins was the special stuff in the whole site :smile:. I actually tried without it and it looks good, but I’m still not sure if I want to remove it, probably will let those there.

About the shadows you’re completely right, I drop them and it is way more clean.

Thanks! I did some work to display it differently in desktop, check it out later.