I'd like to ask for permission to use your materials

Hi, I’m writing a comprehensive book on front-end web development and I was wondering if I could get you permission to use your interactive courses’ materials for introductory and first attempt for my readers to delve into how making the appearance of a website feels and your to-point attempts at showing this is truly exemplary and I’d appreciate it if you could let me borrow your shallow materials for the first chapter(s) to entice the reader to go further and become a full-fledged front-end web developer.

I’m sorry for not apologizing in advance but I couldn’t find Quincy Larson’s contacts so I had to resort to the general subforum of the website.

I hope my message reaches you and you will put it into consideration to, with many thanks, let me use your fluent exercises to accumulate into my comprehensive book

Many thanks
mohsentux (mohsen abasi)
contacts: [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]

I eagerly await your response.

the curriculum is under this License:

you can use the material in the curriculum following that licence.


It is really cool that the freeCodeCamp Curriculum is under Creative Commons Licence.


Yes – we are proud to make this available to anyone who wants to use it to teach. A lot of schools use freeCodeCamp internally on their network, or on their own learning management systems.


Thank you very much. I get started on using your materials right away and I promise they’ll be put to good use in three languages: English, Japanese and Farsi


Why don’t you also help translating freeCodeCamp directly? :slight_smile:



Two hearts for you ilenia, for your answer.

Farsi translation would help to support individuals in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and the Persian Diaspora. Specifically in the Rural regions of Iran, There is a lack of Adequate education for poorer Students.

There are many who have little or no access to the internet, but for the students that do, It would be an amazing gift @mohsentux to help to translate the tutorials into Farsi.

For many, internet access is limited to Phone access. So that should be taken into account.

Note that freeCodeCamp does have an Android app, and we will eventually have an iOS app, too. We plan to eventually have Farsi language version as well (there is some progress on the Farsi translation, but we would welcome additional help).

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This is Great news, I use android and I love using Termux. I would like to thank you for appearing on the Code Newbie podcast. It was a very interesting talk that you and Siran had, I did not realize the impact that just a few dollars has on the freecodecamp.org status as well as the worldwide number of people willing to give to keep up such a worthy and noble service. I have just started using the website for about the past 3 weeks. I love it very much and am now more than ever willing to give to the cause.

Pablo Hernandez

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Thanks for your kind words, Pablo. And thanks for making time to listen to the interview on Code Newbie. As you can probably tell, I am a massive fan of the show, and of Saron’s work to encourage people who are new to coding. :+1:

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Yes absolutely, I have been working on a small project for some tips from Victoria Lo. I have been creating a couple of mind maps from her Blogs from the beginning of her career, I also heard a Podcast with her and Saron. It cast so many stories from her start, I especially enjoy her support for the community. I am such that almost whatever I come across is such an interest to me, I first started with a CCNA course, which then opened doors to looking into Cybersecurity and it did. I now am looking into the fantastic creators GOLD Mine of Web Dev/Software Dev, I think you cannot get away from the variety of coding benefits that Python offers with the rock-solid command of language that JS offers. Legacy…
I still am in the beginning stages of my coding journey however I am always open to any assistance or critique, especially from those that have given so much to the developer community.
In Good Health…

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